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I need your help, please:

I want to post my fonts (dings, scripts - my work, of course) online.

Why do I need to stuff the fonts?

If I need to stuff PS/TT/Open Type - what do I need to do? (Mac & PC)

Thank you!!!

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The main reason to do it is to make the files smaller and thereby make the download (and the upload) go faster. Not absolutely necessary, but a good idea.

However, with older Mac font formats (i.e., font suitcases) you must do it or you will loose font data. This is because Mac files are in some cases a bit more complex than those on other platforms (UNIX, Windows, etc.).

Mac files can have two parts, called the data fork and the resource fork. The data fork is just like a plain file on any other platform. The resource fork is unique to the Mac. Some Mac files have only a data fork (usually files created by word processors, drawing programs, etc.), and those can be transfered to other platforms with little trouble. However, system resource files, such as fonts, have most of their data in the resource fork. Unfortunately, if you try to move such a file to another platform, that data is lost because the other platform doesn't have any way to access or use the resource fork part of a Mac file. The result is that it gets stripped out.

The solution is to use StuffIt. When you compress a font file with StuffIt, all the compressed data is stored in the data fork of the StuffIt file, so it can be moved to and from other platforms with no ill effects. When StuffIt expands the file, it restores the data and resource forks to their original state.

With Mac fonts, the files that are affected are font suitcases, which can contain either TrueType fonts or screen fonts (for PostScript Type 1 fonts). OpenType fonts are not affected.

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I forgot to mention: The internet counts as a "non-Mac" platform which is why you need to Stuff Mac font files before putting them on a web or ftp server.

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If you have not invested in Stuffit yet and are working on macOsX, you can use File | Create Archive of... instead (right button on mouse). It makes zip files that owners of Stuffit can expand and PC users too.

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Which works better anyway. I just had a problem with stuffit files sent to a service bureau. I then sent them archives (.zip) and the files were fine. argh!

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That didn't make sense. I was simply saying that I'd "stuff" stuffit and use the OS X archive feature.

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