New Font: Style Script

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Greetings from the Midwest U.S. I released my newest font a few days ago. I wanted to say thanks to Mark Simonson for his help with some technical questions with regarding to encoding, naming, etc. And a big thank you to Maximiliano Sproviero for letting me bounce glyph looks off of him, and for his fantastic suggestions for making the font.



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Thanks for posting the link Pablo... I forgot to do that. :)

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You have just been added to a long list of people whom I despise =Þ

Great work: keep it up.

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This really stands out in the multitudes of scripts that launched the last few years. Love it.

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I couldn't ask for a nicer diss, Mr. Curtis. :)
And thank you, Bert and Pablo.
It seems to be doing well at the moment at Myfonts.

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This is really looking fabulous!

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Very nice, indeed. I love it! A truly refreshing new script font.
Not easy to achieve with so many scripts in the marketplace today.
But you did it. Wishing you all the best... good luck!
And, keep it up. I expect to see more great stuff from you.

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