A Suggestion for the Spam Issue

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I had posted about this in general discussions, but it probably really belongs here.

An obvious countermeasure to the spam problem we're having would be to require new users' posts to be passed by a moderator before showing up. But this may create an excessive workload, and cause other problems.

Upon reflection, I think that this wouldn't be too onerous either to prospective posters or to the moderators if we made one exception to the rule: new users' posts would be queued for moderation before appearing, except if they were directed to one of the Type ID forums.

Because a Type ID request is the one general type of posting for which the poster might be in a hurry for an answer.

And this would have the side benefit of addressing the issue of Type ID requests turning up in the wrong place!

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Here is some spam on "Books on the subject of the Hebrew alphabet"

4 May 2013 — 12:11am

4 May 2013 — 11:34am
4 May 2013 — 11:35am
9 May 2013 — 12:31am

11 May 2013 — 7:01am

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I think I might be one of the spammers. If you look at my recent activity on my profile there are a lot of threads I didn't start. What can I do about this? I already changed my password a couple of times recently.

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I'm having the exact same problem :(

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Same here, just signedup, and I see a ton of spam as my 'recent activity'

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Honestly I'm in love with the idea of Typophile and how its the longest running community for typographers but such a forum deserves better care. The software should be upgraded to a stronger community software in my opinion and there should be active moderators all the time organizing and overseeing the forums. Everytime I come on here there's always spam and/or a font ID request in the wrong forum.

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Painfully true. I've got a number of anti-spam measures in place, but it still requires someone to keep an eye on it every day and craft new rules to block new exploits. They are tenacious, to put it lightly.

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