Chinese character font to match the feel of ITC Conduit extralight in caps? what would be your suggestions?

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I understand this is a very specific question for the chinese language specialists here (I hope there are some?), but would love to hear your suggestions!

Chinese character font to match the feel of ITC Conduit Extralight set in caps only? Suggestions to match the look and feel.


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I'm not a font maker nor a designer at all. But may I ask you this question: do you want a font for Simplified Chinese (which is used in mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore), or Traditional Chinese (which is used in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan), or maybe both?

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Very true, simplified Chinese.

And should say, long time reader/watcher *FiRst PosT* yay!

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I too am interested in Chinese font options for use on a website.

I'm currently leaning towards the Simplified Chinese fonts STHeiti (bundled with Adobe CS6) as a body copy and FZYaSong for headings (this was recommended by a Chinese work colleague). It certainly is a challenge to get a design I am happy with without being able to to read to text I'm laying out!

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