Complimentary font for logo?

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Hi, I'm seeking some font choice advice. My toy piano band Twink ( is releasing a "metal" EP, and I designed a special logo for the package. I'm wondering what typeface(s) might compliment the logo, for use in the album title ("Welcome to the Jingle"). Thanks!

Twink metal logo GIF

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This is a nice logo! Just a bit heavy on the bottom-right.

> what typeface(s) might compliment the logo

Hmmm, I'll have to think about it...


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Maybe some script, but in graffiti way, because of the title? Spill Milk, or Wordy? Or maybe more metal type? :-)


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Larabie Fonts might be a good source.

A couple that might fit:

Should've Known


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Thanks for the suggestions! I like the sketchy script idea, I may go with Thug. It's simultaneously whimsical and tough, and seems to be a good foil to a sculpted logo. (Track list will go below the title, possible in Bureau Grotesque. Bunny skull will be front cover, text on back.)

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Ohhhh... cute bunnny!!!!!

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Funny stuff! :->


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If that's the direction you're going, check out Blambot's site. They have a lot of interesting stuff like this.

And I second: cute bunny! Make a t-shirt with just the bunny and I'd buy it.

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Oh yeah, Blambot and PIzzadude both have stuff that fits the bill. Now I'm considering using Humbucker or TagBoy Hardcore.

Thanks for the bunny illo feedback too! Whenever the disc is done, I'll probably sell shirts. Keep checkin' the Twink site for news, but it'll be several months at least.

PS - here's the illo for the liner notes, heh heh...

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