Suggestion for Killing Two Birds

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It has occurred to me that moderating the posts of new users would not be too onerous a restriction to impose for this forum... with one important exception.

But making that exception would help solve another problem this forum has, in addition to the spam problem.

So here's my modest proposal:

New users would see their posts await approval before appearing on the forum - usually, only the first post would need to be so delayed - except if they're posting to one of the Type ID boards.

Because if you want a Type ID, you may be in a hurry. And this would be of a huge benefit in keeping the Type ID requests in the right place!

So, as I said - two birds with one stone.

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I'd support this idea. The blog section is unreadable lately as it is covered in type ID requests.

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Good idea, but I believe the problem lies not with coming up with workable improvement ideas (of which there's plenty), but rather with implementing any of them. There doesn't seem to be any dev resources on Punchcut's end, not even for something as simple as moving Type-ID forum to the top.

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A slingshot and a boomerang?

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Ya I don 't know how many mods there but we would need a lot more volunteers than just Jared, Dean and me to be checking / approving a queue of posts. I figure something like a half dozen or so around planet Earth should do.

Type ID request showing up everywhere all over, I was thinking we could create a filter that would be 'trained' to redirect a Type ID request to the Type ID forum. I have notice that most every Type ID request has key words in them such as >>> help, does anyone, please identify, <<< etc.. Spam filters use word recognition so I don't see why we couldn't do the same for a Type Id filter?

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5star, how many first-time posts from new accounts do we get a day (if we exclude ones already marked as spam by the filters)? I'm not disagreeing with your point, I really don't know.

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I had assumed - but I don't know either - that the number of legitimate posts from new accounts was not only small, but that the vast majority of them were type IDs, which, by this scheme, the moderators would not see and not have to process (if they were correctly directed - and my goal was that they would be correctly directed because of the desire to avoid the delay imposed by the moderation queue).

Of course, the moderators would also have to see and reject the posts that they block as well.

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I think the number of new threads varies according to the a some factors such as global events and the academic year, so I really don't know how many new accounts Typophile generates per year. Perhaps Dean or Jared would be able to give an accurate number.

quadibloc, I'm for anything that works so ya lets do whatever works. Besides if we try several methods what's there to lose? And speaking of goals... GO BOSTON GO!!!

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> I really don't know how many new accounts
> Typophile generates per year

Okay. My guess (and it's just a guess) is that the spam filters already weed out most of the spam so the number of first-time posts to review each day wouldn't be that huge, but I don't really know for sure as there are some forums at Typophile that I don't read.

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If I had to guess, I'd say that between 0-5 new users accounts per day are generated outside of the Type ID request new user accounts.

New user accounts for Type ID show up in the General, Blogs, and some in Design forums. Outside of Type ID new user accounts I'd guess that between 0-5 new user accounts are generated everyday.

So if that is about all, then I'm guessing that a 24hour account approval period would not realize all that much of a drop in overall forum activity ...maybe?

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I'd say that between 0-5 new users accounts per day are generated outside of the Type ID request new user accounts.

Things may have changed with the new spam filters, but back when I used to deal with some of this, Typophile was getting around 100–200 new accounts in a 24-hour period. These were mostly what I call “sleeper” spam accounts – dummy accounts with spam links in profile fields. And sometimes one of these “users” would surface after several months (or even a year) and post a spam thread.

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But then most of those accounts would not be seen by moderators. My proposal was that one's first post to a non-Type ID board would be moderated, and so the account would be hit when it tries to post something.

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