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Dear Everyone,

I exported a document for PDF print that contains several paths in which I used Type on a Path. There is no fill or stroke on the path, yet the PDF consistently shows a light pink background color around the path area (see attached image). I don't see anything wrong with the PDF settings, but I may not recognize the problem - suggestions?

Thank you!!
Chava Drummond

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This looks like this is being caused by the drop shadow you have on the type. I believe the portion of the image that corresponds to the area bounding the type path is being rasterized in order to implement the [multiplied] raster shadow, and that is leading to slight color shift.

I can’t say offhand the exact fix, but it will have to do with either color settings (make sure the image is the same color space as the Indd doc and the PDF output specs), or the drop shadow settings, or possibly with flattening settings. Something like that. If the type and image are not on the same layer, then perhaps combining them on one will help solve by getting the entire layer to rasterize as one.

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When making the PDF, try changing the Compatibility popup button to a different setting to save the PDF in a newer version (like if it's 1.4, change it to 1.5), and see if that makes any difference.

Older PDF versions are more compatible, which is good if someone views the PDF using old software, but newer versions are better at handling transparency and other things.

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Interesting. I would actually suggest the opposite. Export as the lowest version of PDF you have available — probably 1.3 — and make sure to choose the high-resolution transparency flattener in the Advanced tab. This will "flatten" your drop shadow into an opaque object, which will guarantee it will print correctly, though your file will be larger.

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