Opentype features in single style cause Indesign to crash when generating pdf.

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Hey technicians,

A fontfamily of twelve styles seems to work just fine in Indesign. Indesign won't let me export a pdf when the fontfamily is used, though. After a while I found the Italic style was causing the problem. Then I found out, the opentype features in the Italic style are causing the problem. So Italic without opentype feature works fine, and is exportable to pdf, but Italic with opentype feature isn't.

Thing is, the opentype features in all styles have been imported from the same .fea file (except the 'kern' feature of course). I've been trying to solve this issue for two entire days now, so all help is much appreciated! I'm kinda desperate here...


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Never mind this. It's fixed :)

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Can you tell what went wrong?

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Yes. I'm not sure why the problem was only visible in the Italic (might have something to do with Indesign) but the smcp feature (the opentype classes it involved, to be precise) contained a few glyph names which were not actually in the fontfile. I had created the smcp feature before I deleted the glyphs, and forgot to remove them from the opentype class. When I deleted them, everything worked again :)

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