Annie Oakley font

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i just would like to know what font this is..

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i suggest looking for the base font. looks to me like the spurs were added on after the fact (note how inconsistent they are in size, placement, and shape).

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The spurs are inconsistent? What about everything else?

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Looks totally hand-lettered to me. Having a look to Letterhead Fonts would be worth a shot. Something like Signmaker could work pretty well as alternative adding some median spurs.

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the spurs were the obvious tipoff. i assume a base font would be available, just for reference to start mods. geez.

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I think it may be just be a really, really bad digtization of the original sign. Which likely was hand-lettered! (But probably had better looking spurs.)

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ya the image i found on google, just wanted to make something with the same style font, i wasnt sure with the capital letters if it was a font or not. i just traced it in corel to get rid of the rest of the design.

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