Does anyone know what this font is

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I have looked everywhere and can't find a match for it. If anyone has an idea of what it is please let me know. Thanks

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Thanks those are close but I can't seem to find its match anywhere.

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It looks as if it might be from an embroidery monogram specimen catalog. See if you can find it there.

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Thanks I will give that a try.

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No luck so far with the embroidery fonts. Does anyone know of any software program that I could get that I can manipulate a font that is close into the one I want to use and still be able to use it as a font?

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You could ask the experts at the Type ID forum for a best match. The regulars that hang out there can find close matches for the weirdest of fonts.

I have looked everywhere ...

It's the forum that says "Need to know what font it is? Post it here." in the by-line 😃

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