Logo Font — Who's the Master Typophile?

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We're trying to identify the font of both the "BYHP" and "Boston Young Healthcare Professionals" in this image. I thought I'd throw this out to see if anyone fro the typophile community could identify what it is.



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BYHP: Fedra Serif A
Boston Young Healthcare Professionals: Adobe Caslon Italic

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Boston Young ... is Adobe Caslon italic.

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Thanks guys, this is great!

Any suggestions for a font that's a close alternative to Fedra Serif A? I have the Adobe software suite and Microsoft office but can't find it anywhere.

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Fedra Serif is part of the Typotheque font collection. It's not available elsewhere (moreover freely) nor included in any Operating System font package or software bundle, to my knowledge at least.
Here are some resources you might find useful: list of similar to Fedra Serif A compiled at Identifont, "More like" at MF, Serif Fonts section at Fontsquirrel and Google Web Fonts directory.

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Awesome, this is really helpful and I think we're on our way to recreating our logo. Thanks again for your help!

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Chris, what do you mean you "can't find it anywhere"?


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