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I made a fontfamily, and I finished kerning, so I started making a font specimen. I noticed that indesign didn't kern T/h.smcp, and all other glyphs in the kerning class of h.smcp (b.smcp, d.smcp, e.smcp, etc) when placed after T. The problem was only in the light, and after some checks, seemed to be only in this specific part of the font. Then inDesign crashed. I opened it again, and now the problem had spread to LightItalic as well. And it crashed. I let inDesign be since it crashed again, and started doing checks in Textedit. By then, the problem had spread to all styles, and many different glyphs. Not sure how many. I attached some pics, of what it looks like in TextEdit.

I used FontFinagler to clean my cache, rebooted multiple times, and reinstalled the fonts multiple times. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Many thanks in advance.

Jasper de Waard

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Everything works perfect in Fontlab, and in TextEdit it looks as if it also works fine at smaller sizes, though that's hard to judge. The problem is not only in smallcaps, but also in T in combination with lowercase, or V in combination with lowercase. Sadly, I can't edit the original post, and I can't upload any picts here. Damn you typophile.

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In combination with lowercase (TaTbTcTd...), TextEdit simply ignores all 'grey' kerning values (the ones I didn't actually type in but are present because they are in a kerningclass). That still doesn't explain why it goes all crazy with smallcaps, though... This is serious headache stuff.

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the problem had spread

Ah, a font virus! ;-)

BTW, I upload images to Typophile all the time. Just keep everything (including the filename) simple.


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Remove the space in the filename.

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Ahh, yes, that does the trick. Sorry 'bout that. It's not really needed anymore though :)

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