Font ID please

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Hello folks

Please could anyone give me any ideas for IDs on the two fonts used in the words
'CLARK'S & CO' and 'SEWING COTTON' in the attached photo

Many thanks for your help!

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Sorry, can't identify them, possibly even hand-drawn to me. Some alternatives though.
CLARK & CO.'S: part of oblique cut terminals, reminds me of Trade Gothic Condensed/Alternate Gothic. Some I like: Noga (/C to be customized), DIN Next Condensed (/S off), DIN Text Compressed (/S off), Pragmata (/A, /R and /K off but not hard to customized), CA Geheimagent (too squared but nice vintage feeling), BND, No Dr., Cula, Aires
SEWING COTTON: Hamilton, Antinomy, Ultramarina

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Some good leads there Ryuk- really appreciate your input.

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