Anultra Slab & Alight Slab by Schizotype

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Two new slab faces, one light, one ultra bold. Alight Slab and Anultra Slab are on offer throughout May when bought together.

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Dave, these are gorgeous. I love the shadow layer on the slab - very useful!

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Thanks, Joshua! It took a while to make the extrude layer. Fontlab's 3D extrude effect leaves little corners and awkward looking dints on round bits, so I had to do every glyph by hand:

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Congrats and good luck Dave. These look great. I do have to say I'm a little uncomfortable with the name Alight Slab, since there's already a well established Alright Sans on the market...

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I did consider the possible confusion, but consoled myself with the fact that even though it's only one letter different, it is a completely different word. There's also another font just called 'Alright' which was released before Alright Sans, so if we get too nitpicky with naming we'll run out of them a lot faster! I checked that spelling mistakes on the MyFonts search wouldn't point the wrong way. Alight Sans as a search doesn't get to mine or Okay Type's fonts, and Alright Slab doesn't find any either, so if Jackson was to make Alright Slab, there shouldn't be any problems with confusion.

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Craig, I think that's a bit too prudish, since "alight" is a word, plus the designs aren't much alike. It's hard enough to find a good name!


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It's hard enough to find a good name!

Hence, me calling a light slab 'Alight Slab'
Running out of ideas!

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