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Dear Typophile
Since you have been such excellent, honest and admirable Critics, i would like to ask for inputs once more. In the last post i have shown you the typeface alpha and i was already writing about making a bold. Now i have adjusted the regular some more and i have created the bold typeface. Therefore i would like to hear what you think about my former work, so i can polish it.
best regards

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Looking very nice now! Much improved, I think. The bold looks especially good, in fact.

I'm not 100% convinced by the new straight-horizontal crossbar on the /a ... it possibly looks a bit out of place given that every single other part of the character is based on quite emphatic curves.

Also, I notice that the /e's eye is extremely large. (I'm not saying that's necessarily bad, just that it kind of jumps out. If that's the effect you want, then great.)

/b, /d, /p, /q could maybe benefit from a bit more subtle narrowing of the bowl where it joins the stem, I think you've got a bit of congestion there. Also, I have a vague thought that these characters might be a trifle narrow.

Love the capitals. I like the overall effect of the whole face, actually.

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@ altsan:
I am so glad to hear from you and i am happy you like most of my latest improvements. The straight horizontal /a is an adjustment i made when i started to see that the upper aperture of the letter in bold was way too small and not open enough to grant a good readability. So instead of making the curves just smaller i adjusted until i ended up straight-horizontal and i started to like it because the back of the letter is now mostly straight-vertical.

The /e could do with a little less feeding especially the regular one. And the widening of the joints in the /b /d /p /q of the bold is definitely worth a try. The width suits my feeling, but i could give that adjusment a try also.

May be you’ve seen the fault, that the /ÿ and the /ỳ in the regular are still looking like on the first time i’ve uploaded the typeface. I managed to upload the image and then seeing and changing it, so the next upload would be rid of that mishap.

I will await some more feedbacks before i upload another version, in order to minimize the server space i take up with this thread. Thank you so much for this encouraging input.


my former website in german

There is however a problem i’ve come across in cross-browser display. Auto hinting is to be avoided i am aware of that, but i work on a mac with typetool 3.1 and the mac is hinting everything itself anyway, so i don’t know how to adjust my auto hints and actually see the result. It’s pretty annoying not to be able to make hints that work for both plattforms using just one of them. Does anybody know a workaround that does not include spending hilarious amounts of money?

best regards

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I'm no expert but this sample is much improved. The results are very pleasing. You might tweak some of the width of the lower case glyphs. The /z and /w for instance still seem a hair wide. Another minor item is that the dollar sign seems too strong next to the numbers. I would like to see the @ and & next to some of the letter glyphs. Check you side bearings on the Oslash. You might wish to include the Sharp S which is at uni1E9E. Just a suggestion, I've had to do a few signs were that glyph was required. No, I don't speak or read German so making signs in German is tricky. You kinda have to hope that the client is paying attention.

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@phrostbyte: Thanks again, this helps a lot. If i recall correctly the sharp S should be around the third last line in the beginning. I am from switzerland, so i know a bit of how tricky german signs can be (of course swiss people always have to have their own special ways to typeset things, but hey it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy would it? hehe).

In Fact the feedbacks on this forum have been more helpful, than most of the lessons by my former teachers. I am working right now on an italic that i will upload as well with a more substancial type test and i intend to upload vector pdfs again so i can save a little server space. Hopefully i will be done somewhen soon.

best regards

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Glad to be of assistance. Just one other thought - I assume that your ultimate goal is to market your final product? If so, you might consider expanding your language support. It can be a huge can of worms.

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I think this is very well formed. It could use a little more balance in the lines. Specifically, try to think of ways to make the /r or /t interrupt the rhythm less. (The /r adds a gap, the /t makes things a little too dark.) From there you can look at the rest of the characters in that light, and also scrutinize your spacing.

Everything for the most part looks fine by itself and side-by-side. Where I think you could use a little work is fine-tuning the rhythm and color. :-)

Keep it up!

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