Awkward spacing help - wordmark

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Would really appreciate any thoughts on the letter spacing of this wordmark. The U-V-E is really bugging me and I've been looking at it for too long now. Hoping that a quick glance from fresh eyes might help.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm no big city typographer but I'd align the lettering to a grid, even keeping the spacing the same but reduce each letter slightly.

Visually, the 'V's look like they hang slightly below the baseline which creates a slight wave to the lettering, when you hit 'uve' it throws it off symmetrically. It might be a case of staring at it too long.

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If you really want it that loose: tighten "VE" and "UVE".

BTW the "V" is a hair too dark.


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Yeah, the spacing has to be fairly open. Will take another look.


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Here's a slight update with the 'VE' + 'UVE' tightened a touch and the left upright of the 'V' slightly lighter.

The 'V's are flush to the baseline, although they do appear to be hanging below.

Any more thoughts appreciated.

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V-E appears to be a fraction tighter. I'd loosen that and then I'd tighten VENEU by half of the first step.

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Thanks apankrat. Here's a final attempt.

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