Sans serif pairing with FF Tundra?

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Greetings community,

I'm currently working on a two letter logo combining the letters HB. I've currently got it set in a modified (the B) but am struggling to find a sans face that pairs well and has enough weights to complete the company name and a lighter descriptor underneath. I've looked at quite a few faces—FF Clan, FF Marselis and Proxima Nova to name a few—but just am not yet satisfied with the results.

There is a great article written by the designer regarding its creation. I don't have an extensive knowledge of what pairs really well together so I am looking for suggestions. Any would be appreciated.


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I'm feeling something by Unger.


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I'm feeling something by Unger.

Argo might do, indeed:
And how about Balance?

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Praxis paired quite nicely with the mark I'd developed—the lower case a in particular was a nice tie-in. I did an alternate serif version with Swift Neue as well. I really appreciate the suggestions, guys. Thanks a lot!

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