Dutch act of abdication – font or calligraphy?

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I was wondering if the act of abdication that was signed in the Netherlands yesterday is handwritten or typeset in a font. Here are some pictures I found:

This font seems pretty close, but it’s not quite it. I’d be grateful for some expert advice. Thanks in advance!

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The title font looks like Constantia (Bold) by John Hudson (Ascender Corp, 2005) delivered with Microsoft Windows but I will be really surprised if they used a standard Windows font in this document.

The text-body looks close to Fondamento by Brian J. Bonislawsky (part of Google-Web-Fonts, 2011) but it's probably still not a perfect match

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Thanks! I’d be surprised, too, if they used a ClearType font and a free font they got from Google Fonts for this document. If anybody can shed more light on the printing/writing process, that’d be welcome.

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Constantia (Bold) by John Hudson (Ascender Corp, 2005)

Actually Tiro Typeworks, 2004. Ascender (now Monotype) license the fonts from Microsoft.

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Very interesting, that answers my question. Thanks!

PS: If anyone can find a less blurry picture online, I’d be grateful for the link.

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