New release by DSType: DIVERSA

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We have just released a new typeface, pregnant of nine fonts (stylistic sets), all kerned with each other.
Check the comprehensive PDF specimen:

Dino dos Santos

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Very nice!
Best of luck with it.


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I like your font! I think it'll suit best for packages, book covers, magazine headlines and advertizing posters. Wish you succsess with release and hope to see it in use:)

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Love your "90% internal discount" and "no introductory offer" angle! :)
And the font looks fantastic!

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Do the different styles have the same metrics? What I mean is, could it work as a layered font? That could be interesting.

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Thanks for the comments! All appreciated.
This font was designed with some uses in mind: book jackets, posters, stylish magazines,
and eventually, other uses that most of our library doesn't offer.
Regarding the layered system we didn't what to copy ourselves, because I've done that with Braga and recently with Prumo Poster, and also because it was a constrain that we didn't wanted the font to deal with.
The main issue with this font is: how it's possible to kern between stylistic sets (and we did that for 9 ss)?

Dino dos Santos

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