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long time no see.

I am assembling a list of currently released books on typography. It is meant to be a shopping list as I intend to review them for a magazine on a quarterly basis.

Typography is meant in a rather broad term here, it could be the basics (as Inside paragraphs by Cyrus Highsmith) or slightly more advanced (Size-specific Adjustments to Type Designs: An Investigation of the Principles Guiding the Design of Optical Sizes by Tim Ahrens) or biographies (Patricia Costs book about the Bentons springs to mind, or the books about Excoffon and José Mendoza y Almeida from Ypsilon éditeur).
Also Stephen Coles The Anatomy(/geometry) of Type obviously, and maybe I can squeeze in the second edition of Fred Smeijers Counterpunch ?

I would like to ask you for more suggestions. It needs to be at least partly in English and preferably released in the last two or three years. Anything you consider should be in the home of a proper typographer.

ok, a happy Walpurgis Night to you all.


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Don’t forget my Modern Suite specimen.
A bit older (2005), but it’s a real book with 160 pages and an ISBN number.

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Adrian Frutiger Typefaces is 5 years old--does that qualify?

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By Jan Middendorp:
Creative Characters: The MyFonts Interviews, Vol. 1
Type Navigator: The Independent Foundries Handbook
Made with FontFont: Type for Independent Minds
Shaping Text: Type, Typography and the Reader

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Yeah, som pretty good suggestions. Some of the older ones could still be interesting, for other reasons.

Thanks and keep'em coming.

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[to follow]

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