3D LC G @ 7414pt

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What is it made of, to get that texture...? Masking tape?

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Looks that way. What is the primary source for this image?

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It's our own work (character design included) thus our image.
It's made using two cardboard g's, front and back. Paper cups give it its height, glued everything together using wood glue. We then wrapped it in torn strips of paper using wallpaper glue.
A day's work if you bored on a sunday :)

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The leading, does not it look too tight for you?

[Sorry, could not resist…]

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Put it in a sarcophagus!


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I like it; I'm going to make one for myself.

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>Put it in a sarcophagus!

Tut Tut! With all these critiques I'm surprised the designer hasn't gone running to mummy.

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7414 pt ≈ 100', or 2.5 m? gee ... You can ink wallpaper with this!

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Haha, very funny guys!
A more elaborate description of how-to can be found here and here.
This particular g is 130 cm (51") high.

[edit] I've made an error; it's not @ 7414pt, but @ 3903pt

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BTW where did you get that "g" shape? You might not know that it's quite historic - it looks just like the one in the first font made in the New World, by Binny & Ronaldson (a font formerly known as Oxford, and now known as Monticello).


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It's from a design I'm working on.

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