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I am starting a new online community about design and software training . The logo needs to be fresh and professional, but most important relevant to this online community. I am an italian graphic designer, and that's why I called this community "italian pixels", because I want to make people aware that I'm not mother tongue as I'm going to create youtube educational videos about design and software . Here is the concept I ended up with :

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The type used for Pixels is greatly overused. I would also try and steer clear of script typefaces in general, because it's a de-facto choice for all modern iOS apps and as such it looks like a tacky cliche.

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@cenerino54: I’m not sure if it’s accidental, or deliberate and meant to be somewhat ironic, but as far as visual rhetoric goes, setting the word “pixels” in a script is about 180° off the mark. Why did you select this typeface?

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That's a good point, I agree on the fact that is a quite known and used type nowadays. However, in this case I opted for a brush /script typeface in order to create a dynamic contrast between the rigidity of the concept of a squared pixel, and not to follow any visual trend. I think I might make the script even more custom, do you know some other similar typefaces that might suit the project ?

Thank you for your time

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Devil’s advocate: You want to go for contrast. Have you thought of using a script for the word “Italian” and then using something more rigid for the word “pixels?” Seems to be a the logical solution, unless of course you actually are going for an ironic juxtaposition of the word “pixels” set in a script.

Question: Did you intend setting the word “pixels” in a script to be an ironic juxtaposition?

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