Late 19th Century font

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Does anyone know what the primary font is (heading and body) in the attached ad, and if there is a modern digital version of it? My intuition tells me that if there were, I would see it used, because it really is beautiful. It seems to have been very common back in its day, but I'd never seen it until I recently started looking at old print ads and such.

I'd like to make sure I've researched it thoroughly before putting in the time to recreate it myself. Any help is much appreciated. I'm a new member on this forum, so hello to all.

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Looks like De Vinne to me.
Some of its digitizations.

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Brilliant! Thanks a bunch Ryuk.

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I found a bit more info on it's origins, relatives, etc.; thought I'd put it up here, for anyone interested:

De Vinne Condensed:
(if anyone knows of a digital of the condensed, I'd love to know)

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To me, the closest one to De Vinne Condensed is probably TS Denver.

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