Script font help - looking for oc ligature if it exists

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Hi all,

Looking for some suggestions on a font for a title, and I'm particularly looking for a script font. The problem is, the title includes my full name, and my last name (Pocock) is, well, not rendering very well on any script fonts I have tried so far. The particular trouble comes with the "ococ" - it isn't that common, and I guess there are not many font designers out there that include a specific "oc" ligature. Anyone have any good suggestions? I absolutely love Liana, and Montague Script would be good as well, but Liana doesn't seem to have any ligatures including o's and Montague makes them look a little too close to a's for my personal taste.

Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated!



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Not quite as fancy as those, but here’s how it come out in Handsome Pro Regular:

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