Marketplace Fairness Act (S. 336/H.R.684) and Digital Goods

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I am concerned about the Marketplace "Fairness" Act undermining our industry. It is simply a grab for additional revenue. I have written and phoned my Congressman and Senator.

Although the act has caps on the size of certain businesses, Myfonts and our other distributors would be effected, which, in turn means our customers will be impacted. I've written this letter, and I urge you to adapt it and send it to your representatives.

Dear Senator or Congressman,

I ask that you oppose the Marketplace Fairness Act (S. 336/H.R.684). As a small business owner, I am sympathetic to brick and mortar vendors who often see customers come in, peruse products and then purchase them cheaper online.

My issue with this legislation is that government will simply take and misuse the money. Instead of plugging holes and endeavoring to greater efficiency, they will simply take the windfall and find new ways to waste it. Every dollar that is taken from the American taxpayer is one less dollar that a hard working taxpayer that earned it can spend. Taxpayers should have the choice to use their money in the way that they see fit.

The Marketplace Fairness Act is inherently immoral because it destroys the choices of the taxpayers. It is theft. I urge you in the strongest terms possible to oppose it.

Sales taxes are supposed to be used to offset public resources that are consumed in the process of business. The Internet does not have these costs, so any tax is not to offset the consumption of resources, it is simply an abusive grab for additional money.

At the very least, an amendment should be included that does not tax the sale of software or other digital products. Although I doubt this is the case, if the purpose of this legislation is truly to balance the competitiveness of brick and mortar and internet based business, digital products that are exclusively sold on the Internet should not fall under this Act and should be exempted.

The government also has a role to protect property, a role which it has abysmally failed at in the digital realm. Instead, the government wants to tax something and offer nothing in return. With my physical property, I can at least trust the police to open an investigation after the theft of my product, but with intellectual property instead I'm the one who is forced to do all of the work to track down intellectual property thieves.

I am a young man, I notice that many of the professionals of my age are sick and tired of a government that does nothing for them but takes everything.

If you want to ensure that the United States loses its competitive edge in the coming century the Marketplace Fairness Act is a good way to start. I urge you in the strongest terms to oppose it. This issue is so important to me, if you do not oppose this act, regardless of the outcome, I will actively oppose you, and will vote for your opponents in primaries and in the general election, regardless of their position, to punish you for this vote. Don’t let government taxation expand into the cyberrealm.

Jeremy Dooley

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So you're saying Jeremy is acting as a pawn for some organization?


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Astroturfers are able to write better letters.

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