Two fanciful typefaces

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These two whimsical types appeared in an ad for a children's book. They have similarities, but I don't know if they're related:

(In the second image, I'm not referring to the sans presented embarrassingly in faux-small-caps. Even book publishers still do that, it seems.)

Thank you for any help!

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Second one is Santa's Sleigh [Full]

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The first one is an old ATF face called Canterbury. I have a version with swash caps called Londonderry Air NF, and I believe Red Rooster has a version with regular caps under the original name.

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Immediate, and very helpful, as expected! Thank you folks.

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the second is also seen as Novella.

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Good find, Jodie.

The only legit source for Novella I could find is

All the rest are the usual pirate font sites, worse (IMO) than the "guilt by association" Santa's Sleigh on dafont, downloaded 755,188 times.

Take your pick.

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Being less bad doesn't make something good enough. Same with being popular.


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