font suggestions for art project

I'm hoping to get some suggestions for type faces corresponding to the art movements of surrealism and abstract expressionism. This is to be a web-based project, so faces available in webfont form would be ideal and I'm looking to find practical options suitable for display and body text. Thus, I'm not looking for anything too over-the-top (specifically with respect to surrealism) but more from the standpoint of type faces that fit the periods-- i.e. early 20s-30s for surrealism and 40s-60s for abstract expressionism-- and contain subtle character, indicating sensitivity to the style/ethos of the artwork, along with strong readability. The former movement would be predominantly European with respect to applicable faces, whereas the latter could be a mixture of European and American influences.

Thanks very much for any general feedback; I'd love to hear of any favorites you may have that suit the respective periods.

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This typeface fits virtually none of your criteria, but it's jolly good abstract expressionist fun…

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wow that's awesome! thanks for the suggestion!

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