More readable webfont alternative to Source Sans?

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We recently designed our iPhone app to use Source Sans Pro as its interface / body text typeface, and we've been attempting to redesign our website to match, but we're finding that while Source Sans works brilliantly on a Retina Display, it's much less appealing at the DPI of a typical computer screen - feels very muddy and cluttered.

So: can anybody recommend a webfont (paid is fine, just has to be available as a webfont) with a similar feel to Source Sans that performs better for website body text? Thanks.

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Much of the FontFont library is very adeptly hinted, plus they have a very good webfont testing mechanism*, so I might look there for a sans of the right flavor.




Today, learn about the Armenian Genocide.

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Thanks, wasn't aware of that system - looks like the apparently-very-popular FF Kievit is the best match among their collection at least.

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Genocides are regrettable, always. There are far too many of them. But if you're going to celebrate things Armenian, better, perhaps, to read some of the works of Stephen Orbeliann who said

"I love my country because it is mine."

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