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can somebody id what typefaces these are based on

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"FORESTBOUND" (and probably "BRAND") is close to URW Grotesk Condensed or Pakt (Bold) by You Work For Them, with the exception of /S & /A
The truth is, it's too distorted to be sure...

"ORIGINAL/ BAG..." could be Highway Gothic Expanded free font by Tom Oetken (Ash Pikachu Font)

I found them using Find my Font -

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Pretty convinced as almost all work by Caleb Owen Everitt @L A N D, it should be a custom lettering either from scratch (mimicing or not some existing typeface) or a heavily customized font.
FORESTBOUND: part of /O, it has a "Trade Gothic Condensed" feeling to me. So may be starting from it, make it thinner (to keep /O shape of the Condensed version), stretching and manually rounding it could do the job. I would probably start from Benton Sans Condensed, redrawing /O (from /U) and doing the same work as previously described. For the laziest, there's also (breathe...) Trade Gothic Next Soft Rounded Condensed.
ORIGINAL/BAG CO USA: very Engravers Gothic/Sackers Gothic (Bold) to me. Alternatives: Policy Gothic, Sweet Sans

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