Wherever you look, someone

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Well, I couldn't resist.

It's from our largest local newspaper.

Friday, Aug 22, 2003

Wherever you look, someone

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You're welcome.

It's interesting: When I thought to post the link, it was because seemed a good piece to share with English users in the US (and perhaps English-speaking areas of Canada and the UK).

I hadn't thought until you mentioned it, that it might also benefit those working with English elsewhere - like Belgium - where it must be especially confusing.

You might call English "inventovative".


And highly possessive.


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David Crystal was on BBC radio last week talking about the decline of the correct use of the apostrophe...

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the decline of the correct use of the apostrophe...

This would suggest that it was used correctly at some stage. When was that, I wonder?


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Does Bob the Angry Flower do grammar too?
I'm in serious need.


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Tell me about it. I noticed that a whole damn lot of
native English speakers frequently make mistakes
against its use, and it's quite silly a Dutch/French-
speaking guy like me trips over these typos. (I hate
that, it even makes me stop reading on certain

Then again, I make loads of other mistakes and my
use of the English language is often quite... eh...
let's call it "inventive". So who am I to judge?

Good article BTW. THX for the link, Mr. Treacy.

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