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Hello everybody,
I just registered to your forum. To introduce myself I could say that I'm a french graphic designer who love typography.
I probably don't have the skills to draw one of my own but I'm working on it.

Really sorry if my english is not perfect, I'll try to explain my issue of the day.
With a friend of mine we are fixing some bikes and we are trying to get the logos, which are stuck on it, right.
Here is the image of the aerospace contour logo. It looks like a bauhaus but not entirely... a mix between Bauhaus and ITC Avant Garde...

Tanks in advance if you can help!

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No idea ?

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Still no Idea? Well I might do it myself then...

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Whatever font it is or wherever they started, it is deeply rooted in "Bauhaus". Many freebies (an endless list actually) share the same backbone (Vomzom is one of them). Having a look to Techno > Sci-fi, Techno > Various and Basic > Sans serif sections at DaFont could be helpful to spot either an alternative or a match. Good luck!

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Thanks for your lead to find a similar font.
Strange though that there isn't a match because this was designed in mid-80's...
Dafont wasn't invented back then!

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It looks pretty much custom made to me. A bit of AvantGarde + Chalet (from House ind.) and some Illustrator tweaking should do the job well.

Ca me parait fait sur mesure. Un peu d'AvantGarde et de Chalet (de House ind.), et un peu de bidouillage sur Illustrator devraient faire l'affaire.

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