Typeface Identification 'Hellraisers' graphic novel.

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Hey guys,

Would be grateful if you could identify a typeface similar/in the same style as the one from this book jacket.
This appears to be a custom hand-drawn typeface, so i'm looking something similar for both the headline/body copy.

I hope you can help,

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For "HELLRAISERS" you may like
Visual Establishment (Bold) by Soolid Comunicazione (Free for Personal Use)
Monsterama Bold by Iconian Fonts (Free for Personal Use)
or you may want to modify
Mister Earl by Jennifer Maestre (available from Bitstream, ParaType, Tilde)

For the rest of text, take a look at Smarty Pants BTN by Stuart Sandler (Breaking the Norm, 2003)

I found them using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

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This is brilliant fvilanakis, thank you very much!

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