Translation please...

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Can someone translate this text to english?
It was published in the French ATypI Web site...

"Cher Fred Nader,
Je ne vous crois pas lorsque vous dites avoir num

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Not perfect, but I think this will do:

"Dear Fred Nader,
I do not believe you when you say you have digitized the Guyot (published under the name Day Roman). I am sorry to say that in spite of the differences between you and many others in the international typographical scene, you continue to use the shapes of other type designers and distribute/publish their designs under your own name. The Devroye family (0182) is a pure copy and manipulation of Fran

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Thanks Stephen. I have a more complete perspective now.

BTW, I think someone removed the original Devroye font (0182) from The Lab ( This is not "Devroye" font...

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You can use Altavista translate... or call porchez by phone :P

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Dear Ale: very frecuently I hear comments on piracy and related topics.
IMHO, it's more interesting to debate this issues openly. I don't see any reason to not talk about this things in a open forum.

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..JFP's comment in response to Fred Nader's comment at Typographica.

Wow! Now that is a debate! It's a brave man that'll tackle Jean-Fran

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Ramiro, this text was taken from JFP's comment in response
to Fred Nader's comment at Typographica. (You'll have to wade
through a lot on the page to find it.) Sorry I didn't get to
your question sooner so koeiekat woun't have to translate.
The kat did a fine job, though!

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