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I am having trouble finding the right (meaning cheap) cjk font for a client and I was wondering if anyone already had the same problem (and solved it). ;-)
The fonts I am looking for will be used digitally on embedded devices, as webfont and for apps and software.
So the question is, are there any free cjk fonts for commercial use avaliable? Probably not, but just in case...
After researching the web, it seems that all the smaller foundies are getting the same cjk fonts from one of the big global foundries. Does it make sense to ask a whole bunge of foundries around the globe? Should I ask an asian foundry? Are there any price ranges? And if so, what's the best way to getting a cheap font?
I've already sent enquiries to the big foundries and was wondering if that's the right way to do it. ;-)
Thanks in advance!

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What language in are you looking for? CJK fonts generally have to be tuned for one of Japanese, Korean, Traditional or Simplified Chinese, as each language expects slightly different forms of certain characters.

For various CJK fonts, check the 'East Asia' page at http://www.unifont.org/fontguide/

For Japanese in particular, http://www.wazu.jp/gallery/Fonts_Japanese.html has a number of free & open source fonts.

Also Japanese, a set of nice sans-serif (ゴシック) fonts: http://mplus-fonts.sourceforge.jp/mplus-outline-fonts/index-en.html

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Perhaps you can check Dynacomware and Founder Type for traditional and simplified Chinese fonts.

Oh, and there is also Arphic.

There is only one usable Open Source simplified Chinese font out there: DroidSansFallback.ttf, which is in a sans-serif style (which should be no surprise given its name!). Arphic also contributed some, but at least I don't think they should be used to typeset simplified Chinese blindly, as I spotted a few glyphs in styles that's not accepted in mainland China.

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