Building Glyphs in Illustrator

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Forgive the novice question, I'm a novice.

I would like to build glyphs in Illustrator, and export them to Type Tool 3. Firstly, I'm unsure what the document size in Illustrator should be. I've read little on exporting from Illustrator, beyond saving as EPS. Any basic tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Search on "illustrator" and you'll not have to ask :)

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Cut the cord and draw directly in the font editor.


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I second David and Hrant but so that you (and anyone else finding this) has somewhere to go, other than just google, here is the link to Adam Twardoch's guide to moving from one to the other:

Assuming this is not just a one off, the sooner you move to working natively in the font editor, the happier (really) you will be.

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What Karl and Hrant said. Just don't.

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Max, I also started designing glyphs in Illustrator and received the same recommendation –to design directly in the font editor. You can see here what David said to me.

I had some resistence to follow this path as I already knew AI. But after a weekend with a font editor (in my case, FontLab) I became familiar with it and soon realized this was the best thing to do. So I can just repeat what others already said.

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