Happy 13th Birthday Typophile!

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Today we celebrate the launch of Typophile, on April 16th, 2000. Hard to believe it's already been 13 years, and still going strong! We certainly wouldn't be here without the ongoing support and activity of this awesome community.

Happy Birthday everyone!

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Late again, hope you had cake.


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Happy birthday! Jared, thanks for sticking with it.

My favorite crazy uncle:

A great recent one:

And Nick's eszett thread was awesome.


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I did make some contributions to that thread, but the real credit goes to Andreas Stötzner for proposing the character in the first place and above all OP Adam Twardoch, who has made some of the most useful (and longest!) posts at Typophile to assist type designers wishing to expand their glyph and language coverage.

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What remains shocking to me is that some people (including some big names) still don't get why a cap eszett is a good idea. I suspect they just have a hang-up against changing their precious alphabet in any way at all.


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from Leipsic, too!

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Thanks Jared, and Joe. And all the Typophilers.

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Happy 13! And thanks, Jared and Joe.

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13 years. Somehow the image of a kid holding a pointer nervously above a hand-written scroll, chanting 'Vayedaber adonai el moshe, lemor' comes irresistibly to my mind :)

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On this day thirteen years ago I was in Toronto designing bank statements for Scotiabank, CIBC, &c.

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In April 2000, I was preparing to leave my day job and working on the first version of my website. I don't think I knew about Typophile until sometime in late 2001.

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In April 2000, I was writing my dissertation and reading What to Expect When You're Expecting.

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Happy Birthday Typophilers ... crazy awesome bunch one and all!!!

In April 2000 I was still partying like it was 1999.

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I missed the first couple of years of Typophile. In April of 2000, I was celebrating my youngest son's 12th birthday. Today, he graduated college.

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