problem with glyphs order

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I have a little problem with a font I am generating. When I am in fontlab the A glyph is at the right place with the right OT number.

But as soon as I generate it the A glyph moves in my window glyph to the end of the list and when I use the glyph window in Illustrator (or any other soft) the A glyph is not next to the B.

Anyone might knows what I am doing wrong ?

thanks in advance.

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ok I don't how to insert pic… It never works when I try it so here they are again :
my Fontlab settings

and the glyph window in Illustrator :

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There seems to be a mis-match between Unicode sorting order (top window) and Glyph order (Illustrator's Glyph panel). In InDesign, you can toggle between the two -- a feature I have used to my advantage.
Look in the FontLab View menu for an item called "Sort order" (it supports many).

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When you say "sort order" (which I could not find in the view menu. Do you mean the "123" button on top of the glyphs window ? Because my glyphs are already in order. The thing is that everything is in place but when I am generating the font, Fontlab move my A to end of the list in the OTF file. I can figure out why :-(

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OK my mistake. I didn't look in the right place :)
In glyph menu there is the submenu to sort glyphs by name or by unicode.
Using this order put everything back in place.
Thanks very much !!!

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