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I am a graphic design student at the University of North Texas. I am working on these marks for my class. They are all for the company I was assigned which is called Power Measurement. This is school work.

It is a real company: http://www.pwrm.com/

Power Measurement provides software and hardware for the monitoring of energy consumption across multiple buildings or locations. Their systems are web enabled and help to increase the reliability and efficiency of their clients power usage. Their products also aid in the decision making process of those in management positions.

There are a whole bunch of wordmarks and lettermarks so far. So I'm just going to dump them all on you all =) I will be adding more too as time goes on.

Please be brutally honest.



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I think you could refine your first couple of wordmarks and they would be fine. As you made more and more of them you made the mark more and more forced. The lettermarks don't work for me. Let me explain. The reason IBM works is they put major money in advertising to the point they no longer had to be International Business Machines. Most companies don't have that luxury, so names and taglines that describe the business are often the safest way to go.

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Hard to say. I like the first set of word marks but they take the overall brand in a different direction.

Their current design is a bit lighter, or elegant I guess. The direction of the first batch of logos you did is weightier -- making a bolder impression.

In other words, their current design speaks of white collar enterprise, your first batch speaks of blue collar industry.

Seems like a revolutionary change. Is this what the client is going for?

I'd stay away from the curvy shape -- looks like water. Makes me think of saving nemo.

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