Text font to mix with Mostra Nova AltD (italian restaurant)

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Hello guys,

i need to pick a body copy font to mix with Mostra Nova... This font will be used on the menus, bussiness cards, all corporate identity of an italian restaurant (not the traditional one but rather a "chic" italian... Modern and up to date..

The display font is Mostra Nuova Bold

I see that i could just use Mostra Nuova on one of the lighter weights, but i am sure you'll have a better recomendation...

Thanks in advance!

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Mostra Nova isn’t modern, it’s art deco.
Whatever, this will complement it:

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Or maybe one of these. Modern and up to date:

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Thanks guys for your recommendations...

Nick, the "modern" and up to date is the restaurant, not the font. Mostra obviously has that retro italian feel.. and as you well say it is art deco.

Regarding your recomendation, don't you think the general feel of semplicita is too similar to the lightweights of mostra?? Legibility is improved over them but... Anything with more contrast??? ( i know it is hard, that's why i need you guys! :)

Topy, same thing... too similar maybe..

And in both cases i guess i prefer the single storey "a" of Mostra lightweights...

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