Can someone tell me the name of this font.

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Could someone please tell me the name of this font.

Thank you in advance.

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Kraken (Bold)

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seems like it is a rebuild font, not regular font type.... I dont know.

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It is Kraken - Kraken Bold, Thin etc. designed by English designer Paul Huxen in 2009. Several freeware sites have it. See:

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It is not Kraken Bold. Not one of the glyphs matches exactly.

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i suspect (and I could be totally off base) that it is custom based on the Museo family.

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Nothing matches exactly as Jan says but you can get it from Kraken:

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Thanks guys, I could not find the exact same typeface and I wonder if it is Kraken perhaps modified a bit ??? If anyone happens to come across it and let me know it would be awesome. Thanks guys.

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