Round (and not-so-round) corners in InD, Illy

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Using the document grid, some rectangles and the Pathfinder function, I roughed out a few letters in InDesign. Then I wanted to see what they'd look like with rounded corners, so I used Object>Corner Effects to apply a 3pt rounded corner.

Although pleased with the effect, I was disappointed that some of the corners remained sharp (see below). Moving the original sharp-angled shapes into Illustrator and applying Effect>Stylize>Round Corners yielded the same uneven results.

A couple of questions:

1) Does anyone know a way to get consistent round corners on non-primitive shapes in InD/Illy? Could it have anything to do with the order in which I used Pathfinder to hack off corners and counters?

2) Is there a command/effect/filter that rounds the corners by actually moving/creating Bezier points, rather than just changing the way the shape is displayed? In other words, I'd like my shapes to look rounded in both the Preview and Outline views in Illustrator.



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I'll bet this can be scripted pretty easily. In fact, I think there may be a script for this that comes with InDesign, in the Goodies folder on the CD maybe? (When I install from work I don't get all those extras, which is why I'm not quite certain.)


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Thanks for the tip, Stephen! I always forget about Adobe Studio.

I tried out the action, with mixed results. It usually works as expected, but when it doesn't, it's a pain to undo because the action includes a combination of cutting/pasting/path expanding, which Illustrator can't reverse in one fell swoop.

Thomas, I'm in the same boat you are. My employeer has a mult-seat license for the CS apps and our IT guys handle the installation, so I never see install disks. But I'll force one of them to break into the safe and hand over the CDs... ;)

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Xtream Path from will do the work in Illustrator ...

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Looks interesting, Tobias. I'll download the demo and check it out.

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I believe the builtin effect isn't capable of rounding all corners.
There is an Illy plugin that was mentioned here a few months
ago, but I can't find it - even with Google.

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Hmm, there is this but it's more of a one-corner-at-a-time solution.

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That's the one I was thinking of. Thanks Tobias.

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