The Child

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Hello people,
these are roughs for a poster about a play in theater called "the child", written by the Norwegian Jon Fose (propably this is not the correct spelling but I have his name only in greek).

The play starts at a bus station where some people are waiting, including a man and a woman who like each other. The next scenes are showing the life of the couple, where the distance between them is growing more and more.

The subjects that the play is touching, are the gap between people, the emptyness of the relations, the luck of communication and the unspoken words as the unborn child of the couple.

The writer himself says that the most important of his plays, is the pause...

So, there are the solutions I gave for the moment, and I am expecting your views.

Fonts used: Base, DIN, CF Rayposter1poster2poster3aposter3b

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I like the top one, except that the torn part being rough might give misleading information. Try making it like an earthquake crack. I think the "X" on the uterus doesn't work, and neither does the red foetus. But I like the author's name in the crack.

Nice work!


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I don

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So, these are the proposals i will send to the cliend. I thought about the earthquake Hrant, but it seems to me it won't help since earthquake includes the element of trembling, opposite to the stillness of the play. As for the "x" i disagree because i think is suitable to symbolize the canceled process of pregnacy, plus is a strong mark and i need something strong in that part of the poster.

Colin I tried the xeroxing first thing in the morning and i end up with the lettering in the 2nd poster. Though i am not sure for the lettering result (maybe they look like lettering for a horror movie), this is the poster i believe in. It will be pitty if the clients will insist to put color (i am sure they will ask). In that case i would rather chose the 3d poster.

Thank you all for your advises. Of course the work didn't finish so i would be happy with more comments


PS. don't pay attention to the yellow-gray border...supposed to be the wall behind...

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incredibly anal nitpik: The 'X' seems to be closer to her stomach than her uterous.

I think Hrant's comment regarding the earthquake wan't meant to be literal. I think it had to wo with the rough line turning into a clean line at the umbilical cord. I think the way you have it works great on the second poster, but the differing line qualities are a bit too much on the first poster when you add in all of the other elements.

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I see the problem now: your keyboard only has 6 keys. ;-)


> The 'X' seems to be closer to her stomach than her uterous.

So maybe the real problem in the relationship was indigestion?
Have you guys seen "Como agua para chololate"? ;-)


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...also no mouse at all, my (greek) mac uses ugly-handmade font and my monitor is about to melt...and all that with only four hair on my head and half body.
It is miracle that i am able to replay, so be kind with me next time, because at the time of divine judgment you will feel uncomfortable

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A nit is an egg, usually of a louse (plural: lice) or other parasitic insect. To pick nits is to literally get the eggs out of one's hair, figuratively to identify and extract little buggers that could blossom into big problems.

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I love that sketch!

Sorry, Christos...I could have been clearer.

The 'X' being a bit high was me being just really really picky. That said, the more I think about it, a woman would certainly associate that more with her stomach than her uterous, so perhaps it's less pickey than I thought.

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eventually the customer chose the third poster
with some adjustments...and i put the "x"
in the proper place...

thank you all for the participation!

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These are very powerful, Christos, and # 1 is the most.

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This is great stuff.

The rip is not bad. The best element is the misaligned benches
showing the disconnect between the couple.

Because of that darkness and the rip, the fetus imagery
(especially when it's red) seems to communicate abortion.
However, the x works well because it is more understated,
and I agree that it should be lower.

Nitpick: To be concerned with or find fault with insignificant
details. (I wonder if the etymology of this is 'knit pick?')

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Haha! I nominate Christos' sketch for the new Typophile logo.

Hrant, "6 keys", very funny stuff.

And "anal pick"! HAHAHA. I am laughing very hard at
this thread (mostly because I've had no sleep in 3 days).

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