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Hello all.

Can anyone tell me the name and design history of this typeface, which is also seen on U.S. Express trailers?

Much obliged, J

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I neglected to mention: the typeface used in this cover is called—I think—Iambic, but I can no longer find it, nor does myfonts recognize anything by that name.

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This is not Magenta. While it has similar 'notches', the glyphs are quite different. It IS 'Iambic' by Opti/Castcraft, which is now free and can be found HERE.
- Herb

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Holy smokes. So, OPTI fonts are all pirated and poorly digitized, I learn from the Typophile archive. And, HVB, that link seems to be broken. We still don't know from whom OPTI stole the design for "Iambic." How else might I research this? It's not urgent. Thank you to each of you.

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Jeff, you clearly have the right attitude - thank you.
"Her parents are dead, you can go ahead and enslave her" just doesn't cut it for all of us.


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Here is a reference from Luc Devroy's pages:

Magenta (2009, italic display type inspired by Inverserif from Infinitype, which in turn has roots in Speedway from FontBank, Concorde from Brendel Informatik, OptiIambic from Castcraft, and so forth)

"Concorde" is in fact very close -if not an exact match- to your sample, but I doubt this is the original design as Brendel Informatik is also known for their clones and font forgeries.
I just mention it to help you with your investigation.

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Re: OptiFonts. No, they are not ALL pirated or badly digitized. Iambic is at least not badly digitized. But most of them are, and it's often hard to tell which is which. As for the others (Thank you Fivos for finding and identifying them!) Neither FontBank nor Brendel are known for original designs. In this case, Speedway and OptiIambic both predate Brendel's Concorde.

DeVroye seems to have a handle on the "original" as being FontCompany's Inverserif, now available from Infinitype (not sure whether Infinitype is a creator or distributor). However, Inverserif was/is not available in the oblique form.

The Optifonts link is peculiar - depending on your ISP, you may need to use a proxy. Oddly, it can be accessed via the wayback machine.

- Herb

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"Her parents are dead, you can go ahead and enslave her"
"Her parents are dead, now she runs free."

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Steve, is there something we should tell your local law enforcement about your childhood?


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Just adding for future reference that Inverserif was originally a film font from VGC.

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