(x) Type terminology question - flourishes, ornaments {Mark S}

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WELL,opps....ok well I'm new to Typophile. Now that that is over I want to know what the little decorative swirls and floral that are put around letters. I couldnt figure out how to post a picture so I hope everyone understands what I mean. Are they a form of font. Theyre usually on or around elegant words. If anyone gets what I'm talking about, could you help me, I just have a great interest in learning how to do them well.

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Daliance by Emigre is a good font to look at. Lots of font enhancements

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Flourishes? Swashes? Engrossing?

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Flourishes maybe, swashes no, engrossing no. Ok not the stuff that attaches to the type but the decorations around it.sorta like this i just did an ugly quick one, Stuff like that ^^^^.

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Ornament? Ornamentation? Filigree?

(I'm putting question marks after all my suggestions because I'm not exactly sure what the proper name for this is, whether there is one, or if I understand precisely what you are referring to. Still, one of them might fit.)

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I apologize, I'm searching each example, thanks for everyhting.

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Fleuron would answer some of the question
http://www.myfonts.com/search?search%5Btext%5D=fleurons, generally I would refer to these marks as ornaments.

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