Penguin Book of modern speeches – Sans Serif

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Hi there,

any ideas? The design was made by A2SWHK.

Thanks, N

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Quoted from A2/SW/HK website (scroll down to business case)

The Penguin Book of Modern Speeches and The Penguin Book of Historic Speeches, 2012
Penguin Press UK, London
Cover Design and bespoke typefaces

What I could say though is, part of the spurless /a, it is very close to Helvetica. As A2/SW/HK is run by Henrik Kubel, I would probably choose an Helvetica-like from his foundry A2-Type so, why not, New Rail Alphabet (which appears to have the same spurless /a).

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Hi Ryuk
didn’t see the caption ... always working with bespoke typefaces ...
That’s what I wasn’t sure about, the ‘a’ ...

Thanks anyway!

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I'm now convinced it is New Rail Alphabet. No doubt about it.

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I also checked it — thanks again!

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