CD package paper recommendation

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I am designing a 16 page cd booklet and looking for a paper stock that has an uncoated look but keeps the ink on top for vibrant results. Any suggestions?

I like the paper used in the "feature" section of Metropolis magazine.

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Check out French's smart white. It's uncoated and holds color very well. You might wanna check with the cd manufacturer though, they usually have hand packing fees for inserts with uncoated paper.

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You should talk to a paper representative for your area or the printer that will be handling the print job. They will be more than happy to advise you and supply you with sample paper stock.Get the job quoted on by a few printers to get the best price.


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Thanks for the posts. Right now I am not sure who the manufacturer is going to be--here or the UK. The concerns I have are finish, weight and will the final booklet fit in the jewel case. Most of the booklets I design are 8 panels and paper weight is not an issue. I will check out my french swatches and call some reps this week.

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Not as exotic but nice, you might look at StoraEnso

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Thanks for all the stock tips. Maybe I should have worded my question better. My main concern is will it fit a jewel case. I spoke with a rep from Unisource and they are going to make me a dummy using 100 lb txt. None of the reps seemed to know what weigths were within the requirements for a 16 page booklet in a standard jewel case.

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Tommy, if budget is not a problem check out GMUND paper. Gorgeous stuff. Also check out Curious paper.

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