Help with using a specific opentype font

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Hi there!
I really hope this is the right forum to post the question in. I have a font called Skitch from Yellow Design. I have installed all 11 variations but only some of the are available in Photoshop. For example the Skitch fill version doesn't show. I am quite new at using an opentype font like that. I tried to look in the character sub menu in Photoshop but that didn't help. They show so many nice options on their site but I can't access them. F.ex how do you stretch the borders like that when they consist of two characters?
Here are some links

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I wouldn't try to do anything with type in Photoshop. In InDesign, you can use the OpenType menu and Glyphs palette to access all the characters you want.

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JL: - I agree about Photoshop, but Lililoo's problem is that some font files themselves aren't appearing. My guess is that there are some internal naming conflicts in the Skitch family. - Herb

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I don't know how to work in Indesign but thanks for the tip!

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I will look for an answer to the naming conflict problem. They are in the fonts folder but I can/t see them. When I try to install them again I get a message saying they are already installed. Thanks!

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Best contact the studio directly to see if they are aware of this problem

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Try it again with the font files placed in the specific Adobe-folder (Library:Application Support:Adobe:Fonts). Adobe is somewhat more lenient using non-standard font (types) than OS X.

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You are right - will contact them! Thanks

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Great idea! Will try that. Thanks a lot!

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