What is this font called?

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The closest I could come to was Linotype Spitz Black and Linotype Spitz Black...any help on this matter would be gratefully appreciated! #Please see the attached file to identify the font I am having difficulty with!

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You can also visit it on http://www.brunosamericangrill.com/HappyHourDrinkSpecials/tabid/58/Defau...

Also, while you are there, if you know what either the Capital "B" as well as the "Bruno's" font is, extra brownie points for you!!

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Grill and Pub reminds me of a modified ITC Anna. The B looks like Falkner (predigital Kestrel). Brunos looks like Copperplate Gothic.

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A vertically squooshed LHF Gloria could work too for "AMERICAN GRILL AND PUB".

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