Please Identify Logo Font!

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Good Morning!

Could you please help me indentify the font that is used in this country club's logo? I am the Head Golf Professional at this club and I have been unable to identify.

Please help!

Thanks and good luck

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No two serifs have the same shape brackets, a dead giveaway that it was hand-drawn.

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Not only hand-drawn, but poorly at that. Note the steps in some of the straight edges? That logo was done in a vector program and the nodes are offset from each other. When you have it redone have them do it right.

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Thanks for the feedback! Is there a font that the logo might come close to resembling?

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Copperplate is in the ballpark (although its Cs aren't based on circles). Chekc out the light weight:

If you're just looking for a clean version of the logo, it would take less time to redraw in Illustrator than it would to find the font and re-set it.

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Thank you! I was actually looking for the font to do some signage in the clubhouse. Not to reset the logo.

Thanks again!

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