Mher Urdu Naskh Font Project-An Open Type Unicode Font

I am also working on Project of an open type character based unicode Font, named "Mher Urdu Naskh Font", that has complete support of Urdu characters.
This font is consist of My fathers Calligraphy, and I had made this font with the complete consensus with my father. Who is a famous and Internationally award holder Calligrapher of Pakistan.

I made especial work for the Urdu Letter ے "Bari yeh". The letters ends on Bari Yeh are commonly not correctly typed in any font. I made work in this regard and in my font all words ending of Bari yeh are typed correctly. TIts Positioning, shape and dot/nuqta below placement is according to International standards of Naskh Calligraphy.

Now I working on kashida support for this font..
Some work of calligraphy is also pending in this font because I put most concentration of Volt work other than the shapes of characters, I tried to make this font as base for all other Urdu Fonts.

Here you can see the sample of my Naskh font.

quran arabic.jpg348 KB
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Fascinating! Go ahead! God bless your clicking finger.
I love to see a vector-pdf sample

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Dear Aziz Mostafa,
thanx for appreciation. I will share a vector-pdf sample of my font shortly!

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